Monday 13 July 2009

Jesus, You are my Everything

God says I should not be afraid
He knows the things I like and hate
It's hard but it's not up to me
God says he's won the victory

Jesus, you are my everything
you are the Christ: the king!
to you this song I sing
Saviour, you paid the sacrifice
Upon the cross you died
To bring eternal life

Don't be afraid of what they say
Just live according to God's way
I know he hears me when I pray
I know God loves me every day


Sometimes when I am very bad
Sometimes when I am feeling sad
God's word reminds me of his love
His Son who came down from above


I won't be afraid no more
God is good and God is great

Jesus is my saviour
God is heavenly Papa!

Trust in God, don't disobey
Otherwise he'll kick your butt


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