Thursday 6 September 2012

Read with me: Genesis

In preparation for our first session at BibleCentral next month, I would like to invite you to read through the book of Genesis with me.

In our first lesson on Saturday, 6 October, I will be presenting a half-hour overview of the book. Thirty minutes isn’t a whole lot of time to cover fifty chapters but what I am aiming for is clarity and conciseness. By starting early and giving each chapter the attention it deserves, I pray that God will grant us faithfulness to his word.

Will you join me? As I prepare for this talk over the coming weeks, I want you to have the opportunity to journey with me in the process as we read, pray and think through this amazing book of the bible together.

Each week I will post up my thoughts and comments as I work through the text. Additionally, I will include any reference materials I use (commentaries, books) and other helpful resources (sermons, mp3s and videos). Here is my proposed study plan for the coming month.

Week 1
6-9 September
Creation and Adam
(Genesis 1 to 5)
Week 2
11-12 September
Noah and Babel
(Genesis 6 to 11)
Week 2b
13-16 September
(Genesis 12 to 23)
Week 3
18-23 September
Isaac and Jacob
(Genesis 24 to 36)
Week 4

Week 5
2-5 October
Joseph and beyond
(Genesis 37 to 50)

For more information on BibleCentral, go to or visit us on our Facebook page ( where you can sign up to attend the first session for free.

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