Tuesday 27 November 2012

BibleCentral: The place and purpose of illustrations

Someone wise once said, “If you cannot illustrate it, you do not understand it.”

Illustrations are powerful tools to get your message across. Whether it’s from movies, pop culture or everyday life; illustrations allow you to connect with your audience; to help them understand and remember what you are saying to them.

This week at BibleCentral, we are looking at the place and purpose of illustrations in the bible. What we are going to see - specifically, from the book of Jonah - is that God uses illustrations. He uses a sea storm and a sand storm, he uses a big fish and a small worm; all as illustrations, all as examples to help us understand the gospel. Even God uses illustrations!

And yet, there is a great danger in using illustrations: We might end up preaching our illustrations and forgetting the gospel. People can go away remembering our funny stories having heard nothing from God’s word.

How do we preach the gospel and not our illustrations? In the coming weeks, how do we get the message of Christmas across without sacrificing Christ?

Find out this Saturday, the 1st of December at BibleCentral. Hope to see you there!

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