Monday 10 May 2010

Calling Matthew - The Cambridge Chinese Version (CCV)

(An illustration used in today's sermon)
Based on Matthew 9:9-17

One day, Jesus was walking down Downing Street when he met a rich tax collector named Matthew Brown. Matthew Brown was in his office looking very depressed, worried that he was soon about to lose his job.

Matthew invited Jesus to his home and there Jesus met Matthew's friends whom no one liked because they were all wicked sinful tax collectors who kept raising taxes and giving the money to an oppressive European government.

Outside however, a small pool of protesters were gathering from a religiously conservative group. They were called the ConserPharisees.

When they saw Jesus there, the ConserPharisees were extremely upset, and their leader, David Pharisee said, "For the good of the nation, Jesus should stop associating with these tax collectors who are responsible for our current economic and financial crisis."

Meanwhile, another group emerged from the crowd to confront Jesus. They were known as the disciples of Clegg. Everyone was surprised to see the disciples of Clegg mixing with ConserPharisees, especially since their leader, John the Clegg-tist, was well-known for condemning David Pharisee and calling for reforms in the House of Pharisees.

The disciples of Clegg questioned Jesus, "We are so disappointed you have chosen to stay with the same old party. You could have made a real difference by choosing us instead, Jesus"

Jesus answered, "I have not come to call the righteous ... but fresh elections next year."

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